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Cuddle a Koala at the Kuranda Koala Gardens

Posted in Local Attractions @ Dec 25th 2015 4:15pm - By Administrator
Kuranda Koala Gardens

Have you visited Kuranda Koala Gardens lately? Well, you should. After the Christmas rush, it's always nice to slow down and be one with nature. At Kuranda Koala Gardens, you will breathe in that fresh air plus an opportunity to cuddle a koala.

Koala's reside in the country's rainforest. But you can see them up close at Kuranda Koala Gardens eating their favourite eucalyptus leaves or sleeping adorably. Don't worry, you will be able to sight these furry cute creatures during your visit. Not only that, you can also have an opportunity to “Cuddle a Koala” and take photos at an extra coast.

Besides these adorable koalas, there are many more animals you can see at the Kuranda Koala Gardens such as:

•    Wombats
So, you think koala's are cute and cuddly? Well, this short-legged, quaint marsupial and a native in Australia is also a crowd favourite. Though they sleep a lot and often underestimated, they are in fact playful and are very smart. Besides sleeping they also love to dig and can dig up to two metres of burrow in just one night.

•    Kangaroos and Wallabies
Australia is a home to a variety of  macropods. When you visit this wildlife attraction you will  see some of them such as the eastern grey kangaroos, red legged pademelons, parma wallabies, and swamp wallabies.

•    Monitor Lizards and other Reptiles
Besides the variety of  macropods, the country is also home to a selection of reptiles. These creatures are skilled in camouflage techniques. Keep your eyes peeled so you can spot one.

•    Snakes
They can either be deadly or harmless. Learn more about Australia's snakes by entering their domain at Australia's first-ever “Walk Through Snake House”.

•    Freshwater Crocodiles
You can also find some freshwater crocodiles. Now, you might look for the other type which is the saltwater crocodile. They are not fit for the cooler climate of the mountain regions that is why they can be found at the Cairns Tropical Zoo and Hartley's Crocodile Adventures.

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Image Source : Kuranda Koala Gardens



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